Yellowstone Elopement Photographer

Providing you with a

photography experience

that’s about more than just photos

You want a wedding experience that is going to be memorable because it was fun

Not because it was stressful

You know that a big wedding isn’t for you. You don’t want the stress, and frankly, you just don’t want to throw a big party that you won’t even get to enjoy. I get it and I think you’re amazing for stepping outside of the box and creating something that feels like you for your wedding day!

That’s why you’ve decided you want to elope in Yellowstone

What better place to make unforgettable memories and tie the knot than a land filled with geysers and buffalo?

Imagine your wedding day starting with a beautiful hike around a geyser basin, then sharing vows next to the serene Yellowstone Lake, and celebrating afterwards with a picnic dinner while you watch the wildlife in the Lamar Valley. Sounds pretty epic, right?

That’s what your wedding day can look like when you elope in Yellowstone!

You know you want to elope in Yellowstone, but you’re not sure where to start with planning

Planning a wedding of any size is a big task! And planning one in a National Park where there are permits and reservations required can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you’ve never been there before.

You might find yourself wondering:

  • Where can we get married in the park?
  • Do we need a permit?
  • What is the best time of year to plan our elopement?
  • Can we hike in our wedding attire?
  • Where do we find the best wildlife in the park?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you!

Yellowstone wedding details

As your elopement photographer, i’m here to do so much more than just take pictures!

I’ll walk alongside you to help you plan an epic wedding in Yellowstone by providing you with:


I’ll provide you with customized location recommendations for your ceremony, portraits, and anything else you want to include in your day!


I’ll walk you through the process of applying and obtaining your permit for your Yellowstone Elopement so you don’t have to stress!


No awkward poses here! I take a candid approach to capture your true personalities throughout your wedding day! I promise this won’t feel like an all day photoshoot, because it’s not!


All in addition to photography coverage to document your entire Yellowstone elopement experience through beautiful, cinematic images that you will get to keep forever!

You Don’t Have to Have All of the Details Figured Out

That’s what I’m here for! Whether you need help deciding on your elopement location, have questions about marriage licenses, or you just want someone to bounce ideas off of, I’m here to help you from the day you reach out to me!

We’ll Work Together To Create A Day That:

  • Is filled with epic sights.
  • Allows time to celebrate in a way that feels like you.
  • Leaves time to include activities you love, like hiking and watching the sunset.
  • Is free from stress so you can focus on living in the moment!
Photographer Tiana Olivia standing in front of a waterfall in Yellowstone National Park.

Meet Tiana

Your Yellowstone Elopement Photographer & Planning Partner

Yellowstone is one of the most spectacular places you could choose to elope! With geysers and wildlife galore, this National Park is filled with adventure, natural beauty, and it’s my favorite place to explore!

I’m here to help you plan every part of your day, send you the best location recommendations, be your personal tour guide, and walk you through everything you need to plan your Yellowstone elopement. Oh, and I’ll document your experience through nostalgic, cinematic photographs as well!

Yellowstone Elopement Photographer Review

A Yellowstone Elopement Photography Experience

That’s About More than Just Pictures

You don’t have to have your whole day figured out before you reach out to me. In fact, I can actually help you with a lot of your planning!

Every Single Yellowstone Elopement Package Includes:

  • Customize Location Recommendations
  • A Custom Made Timeline for Your Day
  • Day Of Photography Coverage
  • GIFs and Polaroids
  • Permit Assistance
  • Sneak Peek Images Delivered in 48 Hours
  • No Travel Fee’s!

Yellowstone Elopement Packages

Whether you want an adventurous elopement or a casual day exploring the park, find your perfect elopement package to create a unique day completely tailored to the two of you in the epic landscape of Yellowstone!

What’s Included:

6+ Hours Of Coverage

Beautiful, cinematic photos that will document every part of your day. From getting ready to your ceremony to the little in-between moments.

All Of Your Images

Delivered through an online gallery for you to download, print, and share from! You’ll receive printing rights to all of your photos so you can keep the memories close by.

Polaroids & GIFs From Your Day

Every package includes polaroid photos for you to take home the day of your elopement as well as GIFs delivered in your digital gallery.

Unlimited Planning Assistance

I’ll be there throughout the planning process to help you plan every aspect of your day. This includes location scouting, creating a timeline for your day, vendor recommendations, and more!

No Travel Fees!

No Travel Fees in West Wyoming!

Packages Start At $4200

The Yellowstone Elopement Photography Process

Here’s how we’ll make your Dream elopement happen, in 3 easy steps.

Yellowstone Elopement Photography Guides

Helping you Plan an Epic Elopement Experience in Yellowstone National Park

Need an extra hand in planning your elopement? I have tons of FREE resources on my blog that you’re going to love! These guides are a great place to start.

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11 Best Hikes in Yellowstone

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Ready to start planning your Yellowstone elopement?

Tell me about your plans and I’ll follow up with the next steps to bring your dream into reality!

Where do you want to get married? If you don’t have a location picked out yet, tell me what you’re looking for and I can help you find a location.

All that’s left to do is hit submit & we’ll be on our way to creating and documenting an incredible wedding day for you two!